The Playschool Room


Concentration and friendship

In our Playschool room the children’s development continues and they are becoming more and more independent.

Children at this age are generally more aware of the world around them. You will notice them thoroughly enjoying table-top activities such as arts ’n’ crafts, colouring, scissors skills and activities that take more concentration than in earlier developmental stages. They develop their friendships further and enjoy taking part in group learning.

During this time, we will continue to work with you to toilet-train your child if that skill is not already mastered.

Keeping you in the loop

A weekly email is sent to the parents explaining the week’s activities. We continue our observations of the developmental milestones.

 At Busy Fingers Crèche we will provide an environment and activities that facilitate the increasing needs of pre-school children through:

  • Table-top activities that promote a wide variety of skills (puzzles, play dough, messy play, painting, drawing with crayons and chalk)
  • Free play to further develop social interactions and build on growing friendships (dress-up imagination play, home corner, quiet area, dolls, prams and puppets etc.)
  • Music and movement promote social interaction and also helps with the physical development of both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Constructive and manipulative play (glueing, beading, threading, straws)
  • Floor activities (building blocks, animals, cars, trains, floor puzzles)
  • Age-appropriate, fun, outdoor play and games help the children release any built-up energy in a positive way